GMT: Saturday the 8th of March, 2014
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Hello, everyone! Welcome to TBM website.

In 1984, TBM came into being by the Shanxi River, Shengzhou, the birthplace of Yueju opera with excellent figures and beautiful scenery. Thanks to the support and love from all sectors of society, customers and friends. Over the past two decades, TBM works despite of wind and rain and grows up. Here, I want to express my heartfelt thanks!

Pursuing for endlessness and indefinite entrepreneurship and looking forward to the future, TBM shall firmly stick to appropriate and multiplex business strategy focused on single business and take development as the theme and innovation as the principal line. By insisting on creating value for customers, stage for employees and fortune for the society, TBM vigorously develops productive forces,practically strengthens cohesive forces, constantly promotes competitive forces and makes unremitting endeavor to implement the ambitious goal of constructing national brand and forging century-old TBM!

From vast ocean and sky of untarnished blue, the morning sun is rising slowly on skyline and two pure white peace doves flying wing to wing, flying high and competing peacefully and flying all over the world. Just like the implied meaning of trademark of two birds, our course develops harmoniously, flourishes and thrives. We shall innovate continuously and adhere to the purpose of offering satisfactory products and service for customers, continue to work hard and forge ahead with determination. Here, we sincerely invite all people with vision from all walks of life to join TBM to innovate and start business. We expect friends from all circles earnestly to care for and support TBM as always, work hand in hand to achieve mutual benefit and win-win result and create more wonderful future of TBM together.